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Zorambo: Premium Luxury Cafe

I worked on the Zorambo project while working at PNJXN, a marketing agency. Zorambo is a premium luxury cafe that serves world-class brew and delectable classic Indian dishes with a modern flair from around the world. They are one of a kind in the region, and they offer the unique experience of a coffee shop, restaurant, and working space under one roof.

I identified that it was time to improve their digital landscape in order to generate more brand awareness. They wanted to be the first in the region to offer this unique experience, and they knew that they needed to have a strong online presence in order to achieve their goals.

I spent considerable time mapping their website visitors and data flow. This allowed me to develop a plan to create effective social media campaigns and write blog content that would ensure maximum conversion and reduce bounce rate. Here are some of the specific steps that I took to improve Zorambo’s digital landscape:

  • Updated their website design to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly
  • Created a blog that features articles about their food, coffee, and working space
  • Used social media to share photos and videos of their food, coffee, and events
  • Ran social media contests and giveaways to attract new customers
  • Partnered with local businesses to offer discounts and promotions


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