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About Me

What Can I Offer


I optimize Social Media channels with optimized content with intend to drive engagement in getting the right set of audience.


I develop unique content strategies to generate traffic, engagement and to drive engagement in getting the right set of audience.


I design strategy to generate the best user experience through content strategy, keyword Analysis links Building and content optimization to reach the right audience.

Motivated and Curious

I started out in journalism, turned to course development for a digital marketing certification, and finally converted into the business-focused writer I am today. I became obsessed with marketing in 2015, started learning about it, practising it, and never stopped.


My Story

I started using internet zillion years ago (2002). I was driven my blogging and writing content in expressing views on social medias. I writing is something, which drove me to journalism, and now back to content. I was surprised when I discovered I enjoyed technical and creative both equally.

After several years and many trial-error struggles I got into fully fledged content marketer which I am today. I have provided client services including web content creation, PPC, Amazon Store management and social media posts along with full time jobs.

I’m a person who loves exploring being creative, yet practical. My specialities include social media, brand awareness, lead generation and omnipresent marketing campaigns.

I am fan and intense follower of startups. My favourite ones are unconventional, full of personality, and have that quirky vibe.

Social listener & early adopter of social media
Being a starving creative writer is a choice

I’m here to help you navigate digital marketing. I help you find the subject and medium that best fits your requirement, and then I produce high-quality content and strategy that meets your objectives. Wanna connect? 

Social Media Campaigns
years of experience
230 +
Exploring creativity

Personal Life

I have always been an avid blog reader and writer since I started using internet. The Internet has changed since I started using it. I am a curious explorer, who loves exploring new interesting and innovative things. I love shopping online and loves exploring new gadgets. I read blogs on platforms like Medium a lot, it’s a fabulous avenue for inspiration and new ideas.

My Hobbies

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