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Creative Content Marketer

A person who loves exploring being creative, yet care about tangible results and exceptional work

Driven by Creativity and Passion

I am a digital marketer, with a knack for telling stories. I’m a person who loves exploring being creative, yet practical. 

Social Media

I optimize Social Media channels with optimized content with intend to drive engagement in getting the right set of audience.

Content Marketing

I develop unique content strategies to generate traffic, engagement and to drive engagement.


I design strategy to generate the best user experience through content strategy, keyword Analysis links Building and content optimization

Creativity Meets Marketing

Good content does not by any means ensure a good marketing campaign — that’s where the insight, creativity, storytelling and risk-taking comes in, I am someone who knows how to harness them together. I design campaigns keeping the customers in mind, for the brands which meet their objective.


Selected Client Work

Social media managment

GiftAbled (Non Profit)

Giftabled needed help driving solid leads to their e-commerce store and wanted to work on keeping existing customers engaged through engaging social media posts.

Ecommerce promotion

Swaha products

The Objective was to improve their digital landscape and promote in-store orders from the customers on Shopify store and work on keeping existing customers 

Website Content & Design


PikMe was chasing a fresh look without losing their long-standing reputation as tech app built for the customer so they can find accurate information in real-time.

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