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Digital Content Marketer

I am an individual who relishes the exploration of creative ideas while simultaneously valuing tangible results and exceptional work.

Driven by Creativity and Passion

With extensive experience as a business-focused writer, I have refined my craft through diverse roles in content writing and course development for digital marketing certification. My fervent interest in marketing has motivated me to pursue continuous learning and practice, enabling me to create distinctive content for companies that share my passion.

Social Media

My goal is to optimize social media channels with tailored content to drive engagement and attract the right audience.

Content Marketing

I formulate distinctive content strategies aimed at generating traffic and driving engagement.


My strategy focuses on optimising user experience through content strategy, keyword analysis, link building, and content optimisation.

Creativity Meets Marketing

Creating good content is not sufficient for a successful marketing campaign; it requires insight, creativity, storytelling, and risk-taking to be truly effective. As someone who possesses these qualities, I excel at combining them to produce outstanding results. I design campaigns with the customer in mind, aiming to achieve the objectives of the brands I work with.


Selected Client Work

Social media managment

GiftAbled (Non Profit)

Giftabled needed help driving solid leads to their e-commerce store and wanted to work on keeping existing customers engaged through engaging social media posts.

Ecommerce promotion

Swaha products

The Objective was to improve their digital landscape and promote in-store orders from the customers on Shopify store and work on keeping existing customers 

Website Content & Design


PikMe was chasing a fresh look without losing their long-standing reputation as tech app built for the customer so they can find accurate information in real-time.

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