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Social Media Strategy and E-Commerce Promotion

About the company

Project Details

Giftabled needed help driving solid leads to their e-commerce store and wanted to work on keeping existing customers engaged through engaging social media posts. Together, we worked hard to define and deliver campaigns that highlighted their work on promoting handmade products by physically disabled people.

Through A/B split testing a variety of creative posts, campaigns and phone calls, we established a blueprint for future advertising and social media campaigns to make sure the money spent meant that the right eyes were seeing their advertisements.

Giftabled were a joy to work for, especially with their ongoing commitment to the physically challenged. To find out more on this initiative, check out their website.



How it went

After 6 months:

•The company’s website appeared 1st for “handmade ngo products” in target locations.

•Social media pages grew, attracting new customers to the website.

•Increased site traffic, leads, and online bookings through SEO, content marketing and social media marketing efforts.

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