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My Portfolio

Major Achievements

E-Commerce Strategy

Swaha Products

The Objective was to improve their digital landscape and promote in-store orders from the customers on Shopify store and work on keeping existing customers engaged through engaging social media posts.

Website Content & Design


PikMe was chasing a fresh look without losing their long-standing reputation as tech app. A website with clear navigation. which is built for the customer so they can find accurate information in real-time.

Social Media Strategy


Giftabled needed help driving solid leads to their e-commerce store and wanted to work on keeping existing customers engaged through engaging social media posts.


Rescue Hospital

The Objective was work closely to soften the branding and design landing pages that represented their brand. Each page now tells an authentic story about not only personal experience.

Brand Awareness

Ojjo App

Ojjo was chasing a website revamp that could be released in under two weeks to compliment their new business model, where they were planning to build e-commerce ios, android and web-apps to help SME bring their business online. 

Website content & social media


The objective was to ensure to device a plan to make the design effective social media campaigns and write blog contents to ensure maximum conversion, and by reducing the bounce rate. 

Branding & Social Media

Systrix IT Solution

The company needed a new approach from old-fashioned to new approach branding, The old branding hasn’t quite gone the way of horse and buggy, businesses need a diversified array of digital branding tools to cement their real-world presence.

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