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Website Content, Branding and Playstore promotion

About the company

Project Details

With a rebrand on the cusp of completion, Ojjo was chasing a website revamp that could be released in under two weeks to compliment their new business model, where they were planning to build e-commerce ios, android and web-apps to help SME bring their business online. 

With a focus on showcasing as a platform the founder Prabhu have integrated events, installations and activations using images, it was crucial to let the high-resolution pictures do the talking.




How it went

In under two weeks, the personal brand put down the effort was brought to life through a website which included multiple moving elements, panel images and a striking app demo video that truly transformed user’s homepage experience.

I also worked closely to their engineering team to re-model their service offerings and highlight Ojjo’s extensive experience through creative copy that packed a punch.

A special mention goes to their internal technical team and Prabhu who collectively helped me make this project a reality with super fast approvals, top-notch communication.


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