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My Experience With Online Dating App Tinder


Tinder, the dating app which changed the way we date. The app was made to simplify dating game by taking out the stress and emotional aspects involved.

Stuck in a city and looked for a change in Tinder APP

I was stuck in a city for a long time. The jobs I worked at didn’t really give me the opportunity to socialize and expand the friend’s circle. I worked with people who are much older to me with family and kids. It’s hard to get a conversation started in a pub, where it’s too loud and noisy. 

Joined Tinder

I decided to join Tinder. I understand Tinder has the stereotype for people hooking up with people, I came across many profiles with bio saying that were just looking for friends and no hook-ups. 

My On And Off Relationship With Tinder

I thought of sharing my experience in Tinder and talk about online dating in general. I tried Bumble and Hinge as well.  My relationship with Tinder hasn’t been kind of weird. Sometimes delete my profile, Sometimes I re-create it again so it was very on and off.

Got Some TINDER Matches But Lacked Quality

I got matched with a couple of women in their 20s and 30s who were hopeless being stuck in a job in a new city with no friends circle. I know how hard is to meet someone in a new city, who wants the same thing you do and whom you have a connection with. It didn’t go smoothly and was not beyond a couple of meetings. 

People Who Lacked Interest

Overall, I actually didn’t have that terrible of a time on Tinder minus the girl who clearly wasn’t interested but was so much particular about spending time together. All of them wanted a relationship, not something casual. Yea good for them but they weren’t for me.

It Was Exhausting

Yes, it was exhausting. There is nothing worse than meeting someone with so much expectation for a drink, and you don’t find the connection and kind of get glued to the person having a terrible time. 

I Should Have Stayed Home With Netflix

I often felt that I should have stayed in my room watching Netflix. Just swiping can be draining and exhausting. My left-to-right match ratio was so crazy, maybe 1 YES for the 100 times.

Decided To Be My Own

I would say that try not to make dating a priority in your life. I loved being on my own and had a great time watching Netflix all by myself. It’s so much better to be on your own and to put your time and energy into things you love doing.

Don’t waste your time with the ones who aren’t worth it

Don’t waste your time waiting for a man to decide about you. You are worth a man/woman who pursues you and makes you feel wanted If anyone makes you question your worth, they aren’t sure of you. Productive people don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them. Before committing to activities on your schedule, be sure of your priorities.

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