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How Jack Ma Inspired Me To Be An Entrepreneur

Jack Ma

I admire Jack Ma. I started doing that after watching a video on Youtube featuring Jack Ma. It probably didn’t come from one single interview, but after watching several similar videos.

Jack Ma

Jack Ma Once Said

Jack Ma once said: “I called myself a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers.” 15 years later, he is the dominant player in China’s e-commerce business.

He Never Had Rich Father

Jack Ma never had a rich father. He tried three times for University, but all failed. He got rejected for Harvard. He started working for a teacher’s job, $5 per month.

No One Believed Him In 1994

In 1994, When he discussed it with his friends, no one believed that he will be successful ever. Everyone said that he is crazy and thought differently.

He tried to borrow $300 from banks, which took 3 months. He approached Venture Capitalist, everyone said ‘Forget it. Alibaba is a terrible idea.’

He still believed that there is something waiting for him. He thought that he should try harder to prove himself, not give up.

How He Started

He gathered $50,000 from 18 Founders to start. Initially, he did not even have $1 revenue from the business. It was not easy.

He still kept going!

He kept going because he got a mail from customers that “This is such a great thing! We cannot pay you but this thing helps us. If you keep on helping us, one day you’ll be successful”,

Now after 16 years

There are Alibaba, Tmall and Taobao. The same people who turned him down say ‘You are so smart, how could you make a company like that.’

Make enough mistakes. You fall, you stand up. Any mistake is wonderful revenue.