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10 Reasons why I love canva so much


Canva has been one of my favourite online tools. it has made life easier and simple in many ways. As someone who worked on Social media, the issue I always faced was how am I going to create images for each social media channel for posting social channels.

For those who don’t know, what canva is, It is a free online drag-and-drop graphics design website. Canva allows you to make great images without needing to be an expert in graphic design. I have used it several times now for simple things like making Twitter or Instagram posts to more complicated designs for brochures, print out and visiting cards.

Just to let you know I’m not an affiliate for Canva but it’s the website I use almost every day and I love it!

Let me tell you the reason I started using it. When I had designed posters and creatives for social media campaigns, my mind was loaded with several questions.

Was I going to learn photoshop?

Did I need to begin to outsource it?

Finally, I decided to do it myself and started using canva.

I did the free version for a couple of years but recently upgraded to the pro version. The free version is great! You can very well manage things with the free version for a long time unless you are creating loads of images or want to resize quickly, the free version is good.  In the paid version you can access more free stock photos, schedule posts to social media, make videos, access more elements and more.

Here’s an example of a Facebook post I created using Canva.

I am going to tell you 4 reasons why I love Canva in general

Before Canva

Before Canva became life, I used PowerPoint & dependent on the mercy of graphic designers to get things done.

1. No more worry about getting social media sizes

As a social media person, you always go through the struggle of getting the size right. Canva makes it easier by showing pre-defined sizes for the specific social media channel for the channel in which we are creating the image. This is a huge timesaver in getting the image fit the appropriate size for every social media channel. It’s really easy to use!  Once you’ve chosen the layout and template you’d like, then you can customise it. 

2. Canva has Templates for All Occasions

The canva has over 8,000 FREE ready-to-use templates to choose from to get you started. They are the right size for so many different things such as Twitter headers, Facebook Events, Linkedin posts, Instagram stories and so on  This helps me make sure that I can upload it will still look good and there won’t be anything missing.

3. Fonts

Canva has tons of installed fonts that you can select to use in your images. There are so many font choices that I have yet to use every one. I did definitely recommend this feature even if it’s just to get a bit of inspiration for your design. But don’t forget that you need to add your own brand colours, voice, and text to your artwork so that it sits in line with the rest of your brand content.

4. Image editing

I could spend my whole week editing images on Canva.  I really enjoy using it and the results I get are stunning and feel-good Editing photos couldn’t be easier on Canva. It allows you to crop your images on the page itself and helps you alter how the image looks with its selection of filters.

5. Easy Storage

I personally like this feature a lot. It is incredibly awesome is that Canva stores my uploaded images and the images that I have created. I can easily download the images in PNG, JPG, or PDF format and can have all my Canva images in one place as sort of an archive.

6. Canva is Free

The best feature of Canva is that it is free. It has a large stock image library & other elements, but it will cost a dollar to use some of them in an image. I must say that you can still a lot with free elements and images from Pixabay.  Btw, Canva free plan is free forever. You get restricted access to features but it offers you.

7. No Professional Skill Needed

The best thing why everyone like Canva is that It is really user-friendly. You don’t need to be a designer to create professional-looking marketing collateral. So it saves you money. You simply need a bit of creative flair, and the ability to drag, drop, & click on your desktop or laptop.

8. Download in any format

 I find valuable is the built-in feature to create images and export images in any format. Once you create an image, you can download the image in any format, or directly publish it to any social media channels directly. Canva let you download in Jpeng, Mpg, Avi, Png and so on.

9. It embraces collaboration

I find the built-in collaboration feature to create images with others incredible. Once you create an image, you can share it with someone and allow them to only view the image or edit the image., thus bringing different ideas to make the image much better. This feature is amazing, if you have to share the image with someone, you don’t have to worry about sending mail, then probably worry about compressing it.

10. Tons of Installed fonts 

Canva has tons of installed fonts that you can select to use in your images. There are so many font choices that I have yet to use everyone, which makes it no worry zone for not having to worry about getting text and alignment right. You can create images with a cohesive, polished look with multiple weights of the same font. Its versatility makes it a good option for text-heavy projects.